Hells Kitchen US


World renowned chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring young chefs through rigorous and devastating challenges at his restaurant in Hollywood, "Hell's Kitchen", to determine which of them will win the restaurant of their dreams. Their dreams are quickly becoming nightmares.
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S18E3 - Hell's Riders

The chefs are tasked with serving lunch to a room full of Marines an..

S18E1 -Rookies vs. Veterans

Eight previous contestants return to battle against eight ambitious ..

S17E16 -All-Star Finale

In the season finale, the final two All-Stars pick from the season's..

S17E15 - Final Three

Chef Ramsay informs the remaining three All-Stars that all of them w..

S17E12 - Five is the New ..

Chef Ramsay reveals to the remaining All-Stars that they will be com..

S17E11 - Trying To Pasta ..

The remaining chefs must create three restaurant-quality pasta dishe..

S17E10 - It's All Gravy

The remaining all-stars head to the dining room to be greeted by Gor..

S17E9 - Catch Of The Day

The remaining contestants compete in a special challenge involving c..

S17E8 - Welcome To The Ju..

This week's challenge takes place in the 'Hell's Kitchen' 'Jungle,' ..

S17E7 -Trimming Fat

Chef Ramsay decides to give the 12 remaining contestants a tutorial ..