One Dollar


Set in a small rust-belt town in post-recession America, a one-dollar bill changing hands connects a group of strangers involved in a shocking multiple murder.
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S1E7 -Cooper Shaw

While Young Cooper Shaw tries to hide what she knows about the Seven..

S1E5 -Jenny Ludlow

Housekeeper Jenny Ludlow helps Bud through his troubling time. Jake ..

S1E4 - Chelsea Wyler

Grocery store cashier Chelsea Wyler finds herself at odds when her c..

S1E3 -Carol Seerveld

Popular West Braden Elementary School teacher Ms. Carol reaches her ..

S1E2 - Ken Fry

Petty crook Ken Fry makes things difficult for Braden police officer..

S1E1 - Garrett Drimmer

Welcome to Braden, PA, a struggling rust belt town with deep class a..