Tarzan and Jane


Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Tarzan & Jane" centers around Tarzan who is found in the jungle as a baby after his parents die in a plane crash and is saved at birth from his airplane injuries by a local medicine man who injected him with various lotions and potions from animal DNA's that we later learn have given him great powers such as the speed of a cheetah and the strength of a rhino. He is raised in the jungle by a gorilla until the age of 15 at which point he is found by an expedition from London paid for by his billionaire grandfather. This is where we meet Jane who is part of the expedition and becomes a very important person in his life and in our story as his equal.
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S2E5 - Return of the King

Tarzan and Jane fight to put a stop to Dr. Blutgeld's plans, then di..

S2E4 - The Ruins

Outwitting the guards inside the ruins, the plucky duo find their wa..

S2E3 - Too Much Monkey Bu..

After hearing the Kuro Anowi people's story, Tarzan and Jane set out..

S2E2 - Into the Rainforest

Tarzan and Jane travel deep into the forest to track down the poache..

S2E1 - That Day In Rio

When they stumble into a poaching depot in Rio de Janeiro, Jane and ..

S1E8 - Showdown in the Ju..

Tarzan and Jane fight to stop the poachers from bulldozing the villa..

S1E7 - Chasing the Master..

While tracking the mastermind in Morocco, Tarzan and Jane learn that..

S1E6 - By Air and by Sea

Tarzan, Jane and the earl face more sabotage when they discover some..

S1E5 - The Betrayal

After Tarzan rescues victims of a suspicious fire at a Greystoke war..

S1E4 - Dangerous Rescue

Tarzan and Jane face off against the animal traffickers, then, with ..

S1E3 - In The Urban Jungle

While navigating the challenges of high school and urban living in L..

S1E2 - Tarzan Meet Jane

Now 15, Tarzan, who has eluded capture by poachers for years, befrie..

S1E1 - A Hero Is Born

After being rescued from a plane crash by gorilla Kala, baby Tarzan ..