The Flash


A police forensic scientist battles crimes as a superfast superhero.
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S1E22 - The Trial of the ..

The Trickster escapes from his trial and brainwashes the Flash.

S1E21 - Alpha

Barry and Tina befriend an Android who's running from a group of ass..

S1E20 - Good NightCentral..

When a ""presumed to be dead"" criminal's body disappears, Barry is ..

S1E19 - Done With Mirrors

Barry meets an old classmate and gets involved in a scheme to rip of..

S1E18 - Twin Streaks

A scientist clones Barry. The clone is physically perfect but emotio..

S1E17 - Flash vs. Arrow

A new meta-human is able to turn himself into girded steel; Cisco ha..

S1E15 - Fast Forward

Jay's killer, Nicholus Pike, is released from jail and blames the Fl..

S1E14 - Be My Baby

Barry must protecting a woman and her child from her Criminal ex-hus..

S1E13 - TinaIs That You?

When Barry has nightmares about Tina betraying him, she puts them bo..

S1E12 - The Trickster

Barry must protect his old girlfriend, Megan Lockhart, from an obses..

S1E11 - Beat the Clock

When Julio's old friend - a jazz musician accused of killing his wif..

S1E10 - Sight Unseen

Barry finds himself up against an unseen criminal who traps Tina and..

S1E9 - Ghost in the Machine

Barry befriends an african american who was once a super hero that d..

S1E8 - Shroud of Death

Pieces of a broken madillion are the only clue to an unknown assassi..

S1E7 - Child's Play

An orphan boy has information that incriminates a 1960s cult figure ..

S1E6 - Sins of The Father

A murderer escapes from prison to find his loot and kill Barry's fat..

S1E5 - Double Vision

A mad scientist uses the Flash as a supernatural force.

S1E4 - Honor Among Thieves

While arranging security at the Central City Museum, Barry is reunit..

S1E3 - Watching the Detec..

A corrupt D.A. hires a private investigator to learn the Flash's sec..

S1E2 - Out of Control

Homeless people are dying and their bodies are disappearing. Tina re..

S1E1 - Pilot (The Flash)

Barry Allen, a police scientist is working one night during a terrib..