The Legend of Korra


Avatar Korra fights to keep Republic City safe from the evil forces of both the physical and spiritual worlds.
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S4E13 - The Last Stand

The fate of the Earth Kingdom and the Avatar's life is at stake, whe..

S4E12 - Day of the Colossus

Team Avatar clashes with Kuvira on the streets of Republic City; Pem..

S4E11 - Kuvira's Gambit

Korra and Team Avatar try to stop Kuvira from moving against Republi..

S4E10 - Operation: Beifong

Bolin helps Opal and Lin save the Beifongs from Kuvira. Korra visits..

S4E9 - Beyond the Wilds

The spirit vines in Republic City start abducting people and it's up..

S4E8 - Remembrances

Wu begins his exile with Mako's family, and realizes that he knows n..

S4E7 - Reunion

Korra returns to Republic City and Team Avatar faces their first mis..

S4E6 - Battle of Zaofu

Korra returns to her role as the Avatar, but is she really ready for..

S4E5 - Enemy at the Gates

Kuvira threatens Zaofu; Bolin is caught in the middle of the bad blo..

S4E4 - The Calling

Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo head out to find the Avatar.

S4E3 - The Coronation

Prince Wu's big day is ruined by Kuvira; Korra thinks she may have f..

S4E2 - Korra Alone

Korra's three-year journey of healing takes her to unexpected places.

S4E1 - After All These Ye..

It's been three years since Zaheer poisoned Korra and the members of..

S3E13 - Venom of the Red ..

Korra battles Zaheer, while Bolin and Mako duel Ghazan and Ming-Hua...

S3E12 - Enter the Void

When other plans fail, Korra suggests a brave idea to take on the Re..

S3E11 - The Ultimatum

Mako and Bolin deliver an ominous message from Zaheer.

S3E10 - Long Live the Queen

Korra and Asami are stranded in the desert. The members of The Red L..

S3E9 - The Stakeout

Korra learns the truth about the group that is planning to destroy h..

S3E8 - The Terror Within

Zaheer and his gang try to kidnap Korra.

S3E7 - Original Airbenders

Though contending with Bumi's bad attitude, Tenzin tries to train th..

S3E6 - Old Wounds

Korra practices metal bending. Lin takes an acupuncture session. Zah..

S3E5 - The Metal Clan

Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami visit Sao Fu, the city of Metal Clan. L..

S3E4 - In Harm's Way

Korra finds out that the Earth Queen imprisoned airbenders to create..

S3E3 - The Earth Queen

The team look for Airbenders on a trip to Ba Sing Se.

S3E2 - Rebirth

Korra, Tenzin and Team Avatar search for new Airbenders in an effort..

S3E1 - A Breath of Fresh ..

After the events of Harmonic Convergence, Avatar Korra discovers tha..

S2E14 - Light in the Dark

Unalaq has finally merged with Vaatu and is terrorizing Republic Cit..

S2E13 - Darkness Falls

Korra learns of a new twist in Unalaq’s evil plans to release the ..

S2E12 -Harmonic Convergence

With the help of her closest friends, Korra must close both spirit p..

S2E11 & 12 - Night of a T..

Bolin saves the day when President Raiko is mysteriously attacked in..

S2E10 - A New Spiritual Age

After successfully arriving in the Spirit World, Korra and Jinora ge..

S2E9 - The Guide

Korra seeks Tenzin's help to enter the Spirit World for the first ti..

S2E8 - BeginningsPart 2

Wan's spirit shows Korra how he learned the other three elements and..

S2E7 - BeginningsPart 1

In order to cleanse herself from a dark spirit's attack, Korra must ..

S2E6 - The Sting

When criminal activity threatens to put Future Industries out of bus..

S2E5 - Peacekeepers

Korra attempts to gain support for the Southern Water Tribe from the..

S2E4 - Civil WarsPart 2

In an attempt to get Judge Hotah to release Tonraq, Korra discovers ..

S2E3 - Civil Wars: Part 1

Korra tries to remain neutral as tensions flare between the Northern..

S2E2 - The Southern Lights

Korra begins her spiritual training under Unalaq. The first step of ..

S2E1 - Rebel Spirit

Team Avatar and Tenzin's family travel to the Southern Water Tribe t..

S1E12 -Endgame

After learning who Amon really is, Korra and Mako set out to expose ..

S1E11 & 12 - Skeletons in..

After Amon and The Equalists have overtaken Republic City, the futur..

S1E10 - Turning the Tides

After Korra is rescued after being taken hostage by Tarrlok, and esc..

S1E9 - Out of the Past

After Tarrlok has taken Korra hostage, he fabricates a story, tellin..

S1E8 - Out of the Past

As Asami, Bolin and Mako move into Air Temple Island, the police for..

S1E7 - The Aftermath

When the ProBending Arena is shut down after The Equalists attack, M..

S1E6 - And the Winner Is...

The Fire Ferrets are preparing for the big championship ProBending m..

S1E5 - The Spirit of Comp..

As the ProBending Tournament begins, emotions fly between the member..

S1E4 - The Voice in the N..

The threat of Amon and The Equalists has become apparent to the Repu..

S1E3 - The Revelation

The Fire Ferrets are strapped for cash, as they need to provide fund..

S1E2 - A Leaf in the Wind

Korra begins her training with Tenzin. While training, she runs into..

S1E1 - Welcome to Republi..

After Aang, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Suki had defeated Firelord..